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Poster: garthus Date: Jan 24, 2009 5:02pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: See recent additions, open source archive


I saw some interesting items in your biblio. Are any or all of them in the Archive, if I can get them I will have them scanned.


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Poster: gaid Date: Jan 24, 2009 6:06pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: See recent additions, open source archive

Very interesting bibliography on the Second International.

However the main source remains these series:
Histoire de la IIe Internationale, Geneve : Minkoff Reprint, 1976-1985. 23 vols.
I. Documents généraux. t. 1-5 :
t. 1. M. Beer: Fifty years of international socialism -
t. 2. T. Kirkup: A history of socialism -
t. 3. Les congres socialistes internationaux, La manifestation du 1er mai, Die Internationale und der Weltkrieg -
t. 4. J. Longuet: Le mouvement socialiste international -
t. 5. C. Stegmann, H. Hugo: Handbuch des Socialismus --
II. Congrès international ouvrier socialiste, Paris 14-21 juillet 1889. t. 6-7 --
III. Congrès international ouvrier socialiste, Bruxelles 16-23 août 1891. t. 8 --
IV. Congrès international socialiste, Zurich 6-12 août 1893. t. 9 --
V. Congrès international socialiste des travailleurs et des chambres syndicales ouvrières, Londres 26 juillet-2 août 1896. t. 10-12 --
VI. Congrès socialiste international, Paris 23-27 septembre 1900. t. 13 --
VII. Congrès socialiste international, Amsterdam 14-20 août 1904. t. 14-15 --
VIII. Congrès socialiste international, Stuttgart 6-24 août 1907. 16-18, 18 bis --
IX. Congrès socialiste international, Copenhague 28 août-3 septembre 1910. t. 19-21 --
X. Congrès international extraordinaire, Bâle 24-25 novembre 1912. t. 22 --
XII. Bulletin periodique du Bureau socialiste international, 1909-1913. t. 23

Plus these online resources:
Sources on the Development of the Socialist International (1907-1919)

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Poster: dudeman5685 Date: Jan 24, 2009 7:37pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: See recent additions, open source archive

Minkoff was basically a reprint series based on the george Haupt bibliography, which I also used to create my own list (though I also added some things he didn't) Most of the material is in French or German, but there is some in English, Yiddish and, I suspect, Russian.

I don't know about the cp status of the Minkoff reprints.